18th Century Badman (Roadman Parody) (2024)

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Brought to you by Jake Wardle at www.jakewardle.com. A parody video I made during an 18th century historical battle re-enactment event. In this parody I combine the standard British soldier from the later part of the 18th century with a 'Roadman' from the early 21st century "street" culture found in some parts of the UK today. I thought such a combination would make for a funny, interesting and absurd parody. No live ammo was used, only black powder.

If you are not from the UK you may have never heard of this "street" sub-culture we have, let alone be able to understand it (further down I have included a translation of the slang words I used). It mainly exists in the poorer, rough "ghetto" areas of major English cities. The particular variant I did in this video is the London variant (as I am from London myself and grew up in an area where many youth speak this way) I do not however speak this way myself in my normal speech (some of you who know me and have seen my other videos already know this) but I am able to do an accurate imitation due to going to school and sixth form college where many spoke this way.

The official linguistic name for this accent and dialect is 'London Multicultural English'

To give you an idea of all of this, here is an example of the type of "Roadmen" that I am imitating in this video. Here is a scene from the film 'Kidulthood' which is a drama about the "street" culture: www.youtube.com/watch
And here is another (funny) example, a scene from an actual parody film of the street culture called 'Anuvahood': www.youtube.com/watch

Anyway, now for the translation off the slang... "Street" or "mandem/roadman" slang is a combination of mostly Jamaican patois, ghetto American and some words that seem to be unique to UK street culture. However, the accent and dialect as a whole is predominately Jamaican (due to many Jamaicans settling in the UK) which is why in my previous accent videos I had labeled it as "Jamaican influenced" it is not to be confused with an actual Jamaican accent though. Anyway here is the slang:

Badman: tough/gangster/man who commits bad deeds and gets street cred for them

Wagwan: a typical Jamaican greeting equivalent to "whats going on?" or "whats up?"

Mandem/mandems: used to describe a male or group of males in the street culture

Galdem/galdems: same meaning as mandem but for females instead

Man/Manz: I, you or them

Dun kno: Done already known used as a conformation of something, exitment/celebration or to gloat

Blud/fam/cuz: man, dude, homie, mate, friend or foe etc

Garmz: garments (clothing)

Creps: trainers/shoes

Reppin: representing

Endz: area/territory/ghetto

Brap: a kind of imitation of a gun shot that is used an expression of excitement or celebration

Gat/gats: gun

Screwfacing/screwface: pulling an angry or disapproving/disgusted/distasteful expression on your face

Vexed: angry/mad/really annoyed etc

Innit: isn't it

Par/parred: an insult, or misfortunate event that has happened to someone

Ting: thing

Wifey: girlfriend/serious lover

Buff/peng: sexy (male of female)

Back off: sexy bum

Bare: really, very, lots of, large quantity or size etc

Jheeze: wow

puss*hole: an insult that pretty much usually means what it what its says on the tin. It is used in the same way as just calling someone a puss*.

Shank: a knife or sharp object used for stabbing (noun) or simply to stab (verb) originated in American prisons to describe and improvised sharp melee weapon

Jook: a verb meaning to stab

Sket: slu*t, whor*, bitch, overly promiscuous woman

Sick: very good or cool

Spit barz: rap/rhyme

Beef: fight/fighting

Butterz: an alternative way of saying butt ugly used to describe someone or something ugly or disgusting

*kmt*: kiss my teeth, a "mtchew" kind of sound produced by doing just that, used to display a distasteful attitude towards something or someone.

You can also find more detailed translations on the Urban dictionary website: www.urbandictionary.com

Also here is some of the 18th century military terminology I used:

Make ready: co*ck your musket (ready to fire)

Present: point/aim

Shoulder firelocks: place your musket against your shoulder supporting it from the bottom with your palm

Huzzah: British battle cry from the 18th and 19th centuries

Finally I would like to say a special thanks to the 'Redcoats and Rebels' re-enactment group that I have the privilege of being a part of.
Also if you like shooting videos, my fellow redcoat cameraman 'K Fish' has a YouTube channel full of them. Check him out on YouTube (he has lots of videos firing both historical and modern guns alike)

As stated in the video, the music I used was:

Barry Lyndon - British Grenadiers (fife and drum)

Strictly Beats Series - Hood Riddims

Thanks for watching!

#roadman #roadmanmemes #britishmemes


So while we're on youtube, it's, your bear choose 992 here.

And as you can see man is in the past almost two and a half centuries in the past late 18th century, don't know about acting.

And as you can see man is rocking these 18th century gums all original, you know, check the crepes check the guns.

And also, as you can see man is repping the man's in red, aka the british empire crew from london to the west indies all day every day repping.

Those ends donald shout out to my bear king.

George, aka ggg that man's a real don.

Real bad man, don't know about that god save king.

George god, save juji.


So that obviously first thing I want to show you man is that the gats from the 18th century check this fam original, 18th century weaponry blood.

So obviously man gets rude in it.

And like man comes I'm going to be like what were you saying, fam, you screw-faced me for blood blood shut up.

Then were you saying don't get me.

Vex found do not get me vexed in it because man what man will put our man in it.

Oh fam are these.

These are you sure this is like real like this? This is a fake thing though this don't even work, but it don't even matter because because I'm just landing with you.

So normally when there's beef on the ends here, man, don't, usually carry this anywhere.

This is like officer things in it.


Normally when man goes into battle, take that back that man normally carries one of these is a brown best musket, yeah, or brown bezzy or brown, bessie or brown bee, whatever you want to call her.

Yeah, she I killed him.


My wifey bear buff.

She bear peng look at that back off trace.

Actually, obviously, you know might be getting better with that.

Black man, I said, make ready.


I said, present blood.

Are you dumb? Are you getting reuterman that's? What you get from puss*o? Yeah, black who's energy.

You coming to now fam death.

And obviously, my favorite feature about the brown best musket is, oh fam that I'm getting powered off today.

Big time that is a little rusty, you know, look at the size of that shank black bear long in it.

And it fits nicely on the end like so now you're getting you too blood.

Look at the size of that shanghai, you know what? Yeah, once man has fitted a shank on the end of one of these things.

Yeah, bayoneting, you know, I don't, even think this should be called a musket anymore.

It should be called a shanks get in it shanks get for shanking skits, but I'm, too sick, right? [, __, ] it in the head continue.

Obviously, you know, shanks get something, but you know like 18th century at man, you know, when they got when the beef on the ends here, they all sing songs, sometimes they have like battle songs in it.

So obviously man is from the king's eighth regiment of mandems here.

We've got our own battle tune.

It goes like this.

Let me get in the zone because we've got we all got to spit bars on the ends while we're having beef in it rolling on the ends in the land and column enemies bear butter's got a face like gollum, ra, that's, a par.

Our muskets can't shoot, very far so we're, getting bear close and give them a dose of a shank shank shank that has ah, don't know, all day every day and shout out to king juji and also shout out to my cameraman cavefish don, no I'm out fam.

Oh, wait.

Wait, wait, obviously man's got a march off in style in it.

I don't know about this thing so standing to attention and thing foreign.

18th Century Badman (Roadman Parody) (2024)
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