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Turtle can't be that much more intense than doom 2016 like you can only slay demons.

So why do I hear music? Where is this coming from? So tonight at 11, dude, welcome to doomy turtle.

The game that's everything you want and more and more and more dead we're, getting slammed over the head with more.

Oh yeah.

Well can your doom 2016? Yeah, didn't think.

So my man, this is not a sponsored video first off what's like the rage2 video bethesda was like we'll, give you early access, if you make one of your dumb ass videos who which my reply was me, the [ __ ], oh.

So even though they gave me an awesome, signed poster and a neato doomslayer action figure I've received absolutely no money signed no contract, not even an nda.

We paper free up in this [ __ ].

I was allowed to play for three hours record for one hour.

And I have distilled everything that I experienced into this one video to feast your eyes or eye on.

Oh god.

What happened to mike wazowski number one playing to maternal put me in a trance like I was so engaged in the action, the world around me ceased to exist.

And it took a dev touching me for me to snap out of, oh, hey, take it easy badger that demon had a family.

I know, they're next, but beyond the endless violence that you should already expect.

The main theme I want you to keep in your head bricks.

Doom eternal is all about building a doom slayer from the ground up, which much like a house is done brick by brick.

Nobody beats the brick at the beginning of the play session.

It was I hope I got some nito guns.

So I can win this war.

Then by the end of the play session, it was, I am the war.

And the story of that transformation is the story of this video.

So let's start building the slayer one brick at a time.

The slayer has arrived all mortals challenged personnel.

Please be advised the combat shotgun is square one, which is beyond self-explanatory to even the newest doom.

Slam did you mean my right hand once you've blasted away your first few waves, then come the mods going the direction of either grenade launcher it's, not a grenade archer, it's a sticky box shut up or full auto shoddy.

And although you can swap to either on the fly, you can guess which one I prefer just like that.

All my shells are gone, which isn't a big deal by the way because that's what the chainsaw is for welcome to hell where the demons are just pinatas ready to burst open with bullets.

You mean, living breathing ammo box rack another shell and nail another headshot because headshots lead to staggers and staggers lead to glory, kill divide by two no matter if it's a weak spot or a headshot doing enough damage to a demon will stagger him with blinking blue or orange indicators just begging for a conclusion.

Oh, take that weapons, modding, those weapons, refilling, those weapons properly.

Using those weapons are you with me, I'm sure you are those bricks rock solid now that you've modded your guns, let's mod.

You starting with blood punch just two glory kills now lands.

You a mighty falcon punch that disintegrates anything still standing, you see it and it's gone.

But what is strength without swiftness, which is where double dash comes in whether it's navigating levels getting into trouble getting out of trouble or dodging lava it's, the quickest way to make there here get the [ __ ] over there and ally.

Yup falcon, punch falcon, kick cool, [, __ ].

But the real changes come with runes.

And to satisfy all you sticklers out there that want every drop of info faster, glory kills.

Farther glory, kills glory, kill speed, boost mid-air, juice longer, staggers become literally, too angry to die.

Slow motion.


Cool down blood.

Punch drops of these nine that I saw on the menu only three were able to be equipped at once.

And I only got far enough to unlock one chrono.

Hell, yeah, I have the power of god right clicking while in midair shoves you into a slow motion state, and it could not have come at a better time.

Because I just picked up a brand new heavy canon with two baller mods that made for the perfect test precision.

Bolt on one jet gone, two jets gone then wallace goes up and the mini missiles, oh, baby.

You see what I'm saying now weapon mods are cool suit.

Mods are neat, but runes that [ __ ] pours gasoline onto an already raging fire.

No other upgrade comes close.

Now, slaying enough.

Demons will not only grant.

You weapon mods, but also weapon points, which you can spend on upgrading mods like reload time and blast radius on the nade launcher and upgrading all upgrades lands.

You mastery like being able to launch five naves before reloading.

Yes, you can upgrade your upgrades with an upgrade in case, a shotgun grenade launcher just wasn't enough.

Man, you ever upgrade your upgrades and then you're like damn.

I better upgrade.

The last upgrade for me was the third and final weapon tossed into my hands, the plasma rifle, which I wasn't a huge fan of because it felt less visceral than conventional guns and a little too easy mode.

But you know it had its moment.

I am gonna burn this man like a.

I feel like we're making progress here.

Bricks are starting to fall into place.

Modding your aggression modding, your movement, mods of time, all the way to mods of mods you're building the shape of this layer to suit your playstyle, but even more critical than the firepower itself is when and how you use.

It enter the demons.

Mike wazowski, looking cacodemon.

Perfect example, you can spend 15 seconds lobbing random [, __ ] at this guy, or you can blast one grenade in his mouth and make sure there's never going to be a monsters into.

He shoots he scores and just like that we got a 23-19, iraqi trons are scary too.

But if you've got the brains to destroy its cannon first to cut off its range, it's, only a few stickies away from being not so scary get me more pictures of spider-man revenant.

Aka do demon same story, much like a plane when both of its engines are gone, he's, definitely going down you get it now right weapon right part right time recipe for destruction, no matter how big or bad.

The demon may be come on buddy.

You don't have except for hell nights.

I have no idea what the [ __ ] to do with those guys apart from spam all the [ __ ].

You've got and wait until he turns orange, my raffle knife goes slightly.

Not all of your obstacles were living and breathing, though, typical doom fashion you're also solving puzzles like punching giant chains into submission and playing the floor as lava I'm.

Sure, if the lava was alive, the doom slayer would kill.

And you've got a middle ground between those two with obstacles that were once living that are now not but that's, nothing a power core and some disemboweling, can't fix.


So then you're gonna go straight through his intestines, hang around while power cores, let you burst through obstacles, sentinel batteries.

Let you key your way through locks in the hub to access neato areas in your home away from hell.

This hub most importantly, holds your mission teleporter to continue your genocidal crusade.

But it also introduces prater suit points that can make you a little tougher, a little faster, a little deadlier, not nearly as dank as runes still useful, though also found new abilities in the ship like the ice bomb that I always forget to use and above all else, the repertorium not a lie.

Not a meme.

It is literally a demon prison where you can practice fighting monsters without dying or losing inventory while blasting bfg division it's called the repertoire.

You know, I would say this is against the geneva convention, but I'm 100 certain geneva, doesn't exist anymore.

These bricks really starting to add up, you know, the weapons at your disposal who you'll be using them against, where is best to hit them, navigating the obstacles between them and where you can hone your demon slaying craft by abusing prisoners with all these bricks starting to solidify.

I finally understood what the creative director hugo martin was talking about when he first spoke to us before we even started playing at the beginning of the play test.

My style was ham bisted random and crude, but by paying attention and building each small improvement to my slayer.

I was able to transform that style into something deliberate methodical.

And although still endlessly chaotic efficient, it felt like going from banging my fists on a piano to finally putting my fingers on the right keys to produce something that resembled music, a little butt hurt a little bottom, befuddled, a little posterior pulverized that my play test ended just as I was getting in this rhythm.

But I did capture some cinematics of the story before I left which I'll summarize as don't do this [ __, ].

Man, it ain't worth it.

If you continue, you will bring down the heaven's wrath, saving your people will not bring you peace.

Only make the burden you carry worse.

And although the doom slayer doesn't, respond verbally, actions, speak louder than worse.


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