Episode 1: The Big Lie (Mc Gee and Me! in HD) (2023)


Eleven-year-old Nick, along with his parents and 14-year-old sister Sarah and little sister Jamie, moves into his grandmother's house in Eastfield, Indiana. In an effort to make friends and avoid a bully, Louis tells lies about George Ravenhill's house, Nick sneaks into the old man's cellar, scares himself, and Louis, Renee and the kids at school create stories about the encounter that spiral into lies. Derrick and his friends wreck the house and Nick is forced to clean it up as punishment. His dad helps him learn an important lesson about lying, elders, fear, speaking up, and bullying.


Never forget to be truthful and kind hold these virtues, tightly, write them deep within your heart, telling lies about someone is as harmful as hitting him with an axe, wounding him with a sword we're shooting here with a sharp arrow.

Yes, this is my grandma's house.

We've just moved in.

And now I gotta start all over again, new school, new friends, new haircut, new everything, my family's kind of figuring out the move too.

Boy was it crazy? Those first few days, where's, my denim jacket, anybody seen my denim jacket that is the third bug.

I have killed the day toast about ready.

I've already called the pest control people.

I should be out this afternoon, hear that better make yourself scarce pest.

Nicholas you better hurry.

Don't want to be late your first day of school, right? Mom there you go salad is a rock whatever get out of there.

Why are you always picking on whatever come on come on come on honestly, you've got to learn to loosen up, no you're, right? Honey, lion's, sakes that phone.

Hasn't stopped ringing since you got here.


What no I didn't order a pizza.

Two for one's great, oh, no, that's.

Not, you know, would you look at the time? I was supposed to beat the paper by 7, 30.

first day on the job can't be late.

So long, everyone, oh bye.



Daddy mother coming like.

I said, it was crazy here's looking at you kid, mcgee.

What are you doing? Yeah, first day of school? Huh? Yeah.

Cheer up.

Buckaroo it's, like I've always said, make a big first impression.

And the rest is a piece of cake.

Yeah, remember the last time you told me to make a big impression, sure at the old school play.

Yeah, you told me to push my way to the front of the stage.

So everybody could see me, hey, you were a smash sure when I fell over the edge in the bobby rusko's trombone, well, at least you made an impression, honey, better get going right? Mom grow up here.

I am at my new school.

Well, somewhere in there, all I need to do now is find my homeroom.

Unfortunately, coach slater found me.

First soon to be cutting class, isn't, it, mister then there's lunch time to you know, make those big first impressions and recess.

I mean, what could go wrong at recess? Okay, okay.

So it wasn't.

The best day I ever had, but at least it was finally over.

And so were my problems.

Well, not exactly what do you think you're doing me.

Come here.

See my skateboard, you almost put nick in it.

What's your name.

Nick, oh, you're.

A funny man, aren't you.

I bet you really my name is nicholas, oh say, nick, huh, got a present for me what you're coming to my alleyway.

Someone cares at me.

You better have some kind of peace, offering, huh? Money, stupid.

Man, you're, one.

Lucky, dude, kid, peter, lewis, sure, man, but I just want him to know what an honor it is to be beaten up by somebody like you bet you don't even know that this guy is the most baddest roughest, dude in the whole neighborhood.

I mean, he normally stomps guys twice your size, but he's willing to risk it all to beat up somebody as wimpy as you.

I mean, my little sister could beat you up ain't that right? Derek, yeah.

Go ahead.

Smash his face in.

I mean, people aren't gonna fear him like they used to his reputation will never be the same.

But derek, kreider.

A man of principle is willing to sacrifice all that on a little nothing like you don't.

You wish I might forget you squid.

You either lewis, hey, I'm.

Your man.




Forget it man, I'll.

See you tomorrow, hey, what are you doing? I was going home, not that way you don't sure I just live over on the other side.

Man, what are you thinking? No one cuts through there.

Why? Not he's a crazy indian man? He eats live animals.

They say anything that goes through there don't come out again, what you mean like pets and stuff anything nick where you been never mind that.

This is your chance to make the big impression are you cracked didn't? You just hear what he said, come on kid just go up and rap on one of those windows and we'll, be heroes.

Magee get out of out of here.

Oh nick, come on let's.

Go come on don't, leave me.

I decided that maybe it was time to be running along.

I bumped in lewis on the way, just to say, hi, the next day things hadn't changed much there.

He is now the man that knows no fear.

They changed a lot.

Did you get a good? Look at him? The man the crazy indian man was he big? Well, I knew it like a monster.

Huh? He was big.

I told you were there any animals? Yeah, there are animals everywhere, but I knew it.

Did you see him eating any? Well, he had a rabbit.

He had a rabbit.

He was eating a rabbit.

Well, it was alive.

You know, he was eating a live rabbit.

Yeah, I guess, yeah, yeah.

It was live whatever was left of it.

This is incredible man by the time I got to school, everybody knew or thought they knew what happened.

I wasn't quite sure.

This was the big impression.

I wanted to make so squid, some big hero.




Well, I invited what kind of fool are you taking for how many kinds are there? Don't change the subject that guy's such a monster, eating all those animals where'd.

You get got to stand up room.

What do you know about guts, derek, you're, scared to even go near the place? Hi, nicholas that indian is as good as gone.

Shameful just shameful, hi hon, hi, oh, hello.


Well, mom.

So what exactly happened? Well, it seems that somebody broke into george ravenhill cellar, yesterday and scared.

The poor man half to death.

Now is that the house over a couple blocks that's.

So yes, it is run down all right.

But he's got arthritis so bad.

He can barely get himself around such a sweet soul, too taking care of all those poor injured animals.

I don't care what his house looks like he's.

Just about the sweetest man you'd ever want to meet.

Um, oh, no.

I've got the bed, oh nice for you.

So can I come in? Ah, I'm.

Sure, fixing this place up in a hurry missed your dinner.

Well, you know living here with grandma is going to be great.

Talk about memories what's up.

Nick, what do you mean? I don't know what if? Well? What if he said something about someone and you know, they got in big trouble for it.

Oh, well, son, nobody likes to get somebody in trouble.

But if it's the truth, then, of course, if it's not the truth, then a lot of people could get hurt there's, a person that's being lied about.

But also the person that's doing the line because not only will the truth eventually find him out.

But the very fact that lying is a sin.

Well that sin starts to cut off his relationship, his friendship with god, but there's, also a third person that gets hurt.

Yeah, there is you remember jesus says that whatever we do to others.

We do to him.

So it only stands to reason if we lie and hurt another person.

We actually hurt jesus.

Do I do? What do you think such a little thing brings heart it's? Just the truth won't, get you back you? Let is no matter what you may have done, no matter when or why there's never any reason all day long, everyone was talking about what derek and his buddies had done last night, hey, nick, if you don't move, it you're gonna miss the action, what derrick and his dorks they're gonna put the finishing touches on old call cheese what now should be good.

What are you doing? This? Is it oil minion time to right the wrong to return justice to its rights, mcgee they'll, kill me? Well, what about mr ravenhill? What can I do there isn't much time kid? Wow, me the truth won't, get you by hesitation, no matter what you may have done, no matter where I there's know, any reason the truth won't, get you back quinn, uh, you really didn't, see any of that stuff? You said, did you? No? I didn't see a thing.


Man, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

Monday, you're going to catch it.

Good from everybody.

I should have told the truth.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

I never thought I'd be able to face.

Mr ravenhill again, after what I did to him, I mean, saying, you're, sorry, is one thing.

But yeah, this is real good.

I was helping like this.

Yes, siree bob, you know, it's, like I always say, uh, yeah, you missed a spot what you sow.

You shall sweep what I really can't make up for what I did mcgee.

I mean, I know god's forgiven me and stuff.

But I don't know when you're through there, you can start on the cellar steps, yes, sir.


I felt a lot better.

Mr ravenhill did.

And I think god was happier with me, too easy.

Boy that tickles cut it out now, big fella, come on mcgee.

Why don't you do something to help? I'd love to all bean.

But the lone ranger here has offered to help me, bathe sure they always wash their food before they eat it right now.

They always wash their food.

Get me out of here.



Who played the boy in McGee and me? ›

Joseph Dammann as Nicholas "Nick" Martin: The series' protagonist. A kid cartoonist who regularly faces moral decisions in everyday life.

Where was McGee and me filmed? ›

The series was shot in Hollywood and featured Joseph Dammann as Nick Martin, with guest stars like Orel Hershiser, Dick Van Patten, Carol Lawrence, Grant Goodeve, and Jerry Houser. The first McGee was launched in 1989.

Who is Ronald from Wonder Years? ›

"The Wonder Years" Coda (TV Episode 1989) - Joseph Dammann as Ronald Hirschmuller - IMDb.

Who voices Molly McGee dad? ›

Pete McGee (voiced by Jordan Klepper), Molly and Darryl's father, Sharon's husband, a City Council member, civil engineer, and former ice skater.

Are Studio McGee owners Mormon? ›

However, they're members of the LDS Church, and moved to Utah from California. Therefore, it's likely that the McGees are indeed Mormon, despite the lack of confirmation.

Are the Studio McGee people Mormon? ›

Shea McGee is definitely an alumnus of Brigham Young University. The university was founded by and named after Brigham Young, the first president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, AKA the LDS Church.

What part of Utah do the McGees live in? ›

As a big part of the show involves the family's home life and seeing how the McGees balance working and their three girls, a lot of footage is filmed in the McGees' hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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