I Accidentally Became a Meme: Woman Yelling at a Cat (2023)


When Taylor Armstrong learned that her domestic secrets had been aired to the world in a dangerous way, she never imagined that her reaction would lead to one of the most famous memes of all time. Find out how it went down! And make sure to watch Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 2 on Peacock!
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I accidentally became a meme.

And this is that story, I'm taylor, armstrong one of the og's from the real housewives of beverly hills.

And a current cast member on the real housewives, ultimate girls trip and I'm the woman yelling at cat.

Well, you've seen the picture.

So what exactly am I yelling about in order to explain that? I need to go back right away.

I grew up in oklahoma with a single mom, my household had abuse when I was quite young.

And thankfully, my mother was strong enough to get me out of that situation when I was a toddler.

And then I had a really great life for a child who didn't have a father.

I had visited la in orange county, a lot growing up because my parents moved there when I was 17.

So I spent a lot of time in la.

But living in beverly hills is a little bit different than orange county, it's quite glamorous.

And it was a real eye-opener to how the other half lived.

I met my ex-husband at the four seasons hotel.

I was waiting for a friend.

He was there with a large group, waiting for a table.

We talked a little bit.

We started dating.

And my first impression of him was that he was a little bit aloof, but he had a very charismatic personality.

I had no idea what was in store for me.

I ended up on real housewives because adrian maloof.

And I go way back, and she had gone in for the casting and mentioned me.

And then they contacted me.

And I went in and things just took off, you know, they picked the original six of us for a reason we had great synergy.

It was the perfect kickoff for beverly hills.

The lifestyle in beverly hills is just over the top it's, just it's like glitz and glamour everywhere you look, but all that glitters, isn't gold.

I can tell you that there's, certainly some pressure that comes with it, because you are in a situation where there is arguing and things can get pretty tense.

We would fight in the day or fight at a party on the show.

And then I would go home, and there would be fighting in my home while I was filming, beverly hills.

I was in an abusive marriage.

My husband was verbally and physically abusing me for almost six years.

My husband, many times told me that he was afraid he was going to kill me someday when he would get completely out of control there were times when I thought that was possible as well.

I was terrified word would get back to my husband.

If I shared my story with any of the ladies on beverly hills, or really my other friends for that matter and it's a real challenge for victims, because you bring your friends on a roller coaster ride with you when I want them to still be nice to him, but yet they can see that he doesn't treat me well.

But I don't want that to get back to him so I'm asking them, basically to be nice to someone who they know is not being nice to me and that's hard for your friends and family and people that love.

You it's, a challenge for all victims.

So camille was another one of our cast members.

She was married to kelsey grammer at the time, and she was going through a divorce, actually, um.

There were a lot of divorces on beverly hills.

But camille went through a tough one.

We were at lisa's tea party, camille, outed, my abuse.

And I was in shock.

I remember looking over at our producer across the way and just staring at him thinking something about my life is going to change because this is going to end up on television, and I have an abuser who is completely out of control.

And I don't know, if that means that he's gonna kill me are we gonna get a divorce is this gonna make him behave? Is he finally gonna go to anger management like what of all this myriad of options is going to happen? I was terrified.

I was walking into the malibu party in fear.

And I don't think anyone recognized how dangerous my life was at the time.

I was very upset.

I really wanted to get my point across that you don't understand what you've done to me.

You've outed something that can't be put back and the consequences for me.

And my child could be dire if something were to happen to me, it would have destroyed my daughter's life, and for them to not be conscious of that.

And to be considerate of the fact that I was living in fear.

And in danger, the last time, my former husband hit me, um was on my birthday, and he fractured my orbital floor, and I have a titanium implant holding up my right eye.

And once I saw the radiographic evidence of what he had done.

I was able to come to terms with the fact that this was going way too far.

I could have lost my eye.

You know, things could have gone even worse at that point.

And I remember waking up in recovery after having my surgery and my mom and my best friend were sitting in the room with me.

And then they wheeled me down to see my daughter and looking at her.

I thought this is it like I have to take care of the other people in my life.

Even if I don't have enough self-respect to get myself out of the situation I have to do it for my family and my friends, the first time I saw the meme.

It was in 2019.

Someone sent it to me, and then they started popping up everywhere.

And I sent it to kyle and she's like I don't get it.

I was like I don't get it either and everybody's like why are you yelling at that cat? I don't have any idea who the cat even is.

So first of all, I wouldn't yell at an animal to begin with.

But I certainly wouldn't be yelling at this, fluffy little white cat.


It was everywhere.

It was all over the internet.

There were paintings, sweaters board, games, wood block prints.

It was insane.

People are so creative and it just it still keeps coming it's.


A lot of people have asked me if the meme upsets me, because it was such a traumatic moment in my life, and it doesn't my life back then seems like someone else's life, it's so far in the past for me.

And I've come so far since then that I find the meme, hysterical I'm, incredibly happy and so much stronger so much stronger than I was then I work with victims and survivors.

I work with a lot of shelters.

Um, I do a lot of public speaking.

My favorite place to speak is colleges and universities, because I feel like it's the first time you're away from your parents, and you really have the opportunity to make bad decisions.

So I try to share my story and tell them all the things I did wrong.

That ended me up in an abusive relationship.

So that they can make different choices and stand up for themselves and know, their value I'm super excited for people to watch the real housewives.

Ultimate girls trip on peacock it's berserk in the berkshires, stay tuned.


What does the woman yelling at cat meme mean? ›

The angry yelling woman picture comes from season two of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, when Taylor Armstrong had a very heated row with fellow cast member, Camille Grammer. Taylor had just told her friends about her late husband allegedly abusing her.

Who is the Woman Yelling at a Cat meme? ›

The meme has inspired countless laughs, but the story behind the woman in the meme, Taylor Armstrong, has a very difficult origin. Dubbed the Woman Yelling at a Cat meme by Know Your Meme, it features Armstrong, a star on the reality TV series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and the white cat, Smudge.

Where did the girl yelling at cat meme come from? ›

The image was originally posted to Tumblr in 2018, but became an internet sensation when a Twitter user in May combined it with a screenshot from a 2011 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to become the “Woman Yelling at a Cat” meme.

Which TV show does the 2 panel Woman Yelling at a Cat meme originate from? ›

The Real Housewives meme, captured from a season 2 episode that first aired in December 2011, shows Taylor Armstrong crying, yelling and pointing while co-star Kyle Richards tries to soothe her.

Is Smudge the cat still alive? ›

Now, Smudge, who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, has a website, 1.4 million Instagram followers and multiple unofficial Facebook groups dedicated to making more memes with his face.

What does it mean when a woman is called a cat? ›

The word cat can refer to a spiteful woman and also a man. It can also be used to refer to someone who likes or plays jazz music.

What happened to the cat lady? ›

In 1998, 77-year-old Joan Lawrence vanished without a trace. All police could find were her 30 cats, shot dead. The case remains unsolved, but unsealed documents and new witnesses are shedding a light on one of cottage country's darkest crimes.

What does the cat scream mean? ›

Growling, hissing or spitting indicates a cat who is annoyed, frightened, angry or aggressive. Leave this cat alone. A yowl or howl (they sound like loud, drawn-out meows) tells you your cat is in some kind of distress—stuck in a closet, looking for you or in pain.

Why did the cat give the yell? ›

Despite what some people think, cats don't like being alone a lot. Cats often meow to initiate play, petting, or to get you to talk to them. If you want to cut down on attention-seeking meows, stop responding when it happens. Only give them attention when they are quiet.

Who is she the cat's mother saying? ›

Who's 'she', the cat's mother? (idiomatic, somewhat dated, Britain, Ireland, New England) A rebuke especially directed towards children for having referred to a woman as "she", instead of using her name or an appropriately respectful title.

What was the meme cat that died? ›

With his iconic meow that saw him featured in numerous memes and his stunning white coat, Thurston Waffles was a social media sensation with a loyal and devoted following that have been left devastated by news of his sudden death.

When was the cat meme made? ›

On the Internet, cat memes gained popularity in the mid-2000s, but with this timeline we argue that their origins stretch back to at least the 18th century. Our timeline traces the evolution of cat memes from 18th century emblems through the rise of Internet popular culture.

What was the old TV show cat? ›

Cat was a US television action drama that aired on NBC Fridays from 9:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. during the 1966–1967 television season. Alan Crosland Jr. The series was co-sponsored by R.J. Reynolds (Winston) and Lever Brothers and was created by Harry Julian Fink.

What is the meme font? ›

Impact (The Classic Meme Font)

Impact is a sans-serif font with a unique design and sharp edges, making it very easy to read on various backgrounds. While the font has seen widespread use in meme culture, it can also be used for multiple purposes, such as headlines, signs, logos, and more.

Is the smile cat still alive? ›

Rose begins experiencing hallucinations induced by the demon. Shortly after, she has trouble finding her cat, Mustache, and its tragic fate is revealed during her nephew's birthday party. The boy opens Rose's present to discover her cat's dead body.

What happened to the smiling cat? ›

While it's upsetting, the cat's death is not actually shown and we never see or hear the cat suffer in any way. But it does establish that Rose is losing her mind, that no one trusts her anymore, and that she herself is in as much danger as her late pet. Bacon told Variety.

Is Long Cat still alive? ›

Longcat (2002 – 20 September 2020) was a Japanese domestic cat that became the subject of an Internet meme due to her length. Longcat, whose real name was "Shiroi", was born in 2002.

What is the female version of cat? ›

The term used to refer to a female cat depends on its age and reproductive status. Molly can describe any female, whereas dam and queen only refer to females that can give birth. The term dam is usually reserved for breeding records only to denote a female parent. Male cats only have two names.

What is the slang word for cat lovers? ›

ailurophile • \eye-LOOR-uh-fyle\ • noun. : a cat fancier : a lover of cats.

Why do people say cats have 9 lives? ›

Why do we say cats have nine lives? A cat is one of the most agile, quick-witted and independent pets out there. In particular, cats can withstand falls that would easily kill a human – which perhaps explains where the idea that a cat has nine lives came from.

What personality type likes cats? ›

They found that most respondents who identified themselves as introverted and sensitive were cat lovers, while those who said they were extroverted and agreeable were more typically dog people.

What is the crazy cat lady syndrome? ›

"Crazy cat-lady syndrome" is a term coined by news organizations to describe scientific findings that link the parasite Toxoplasma gondii to several mental disorders and behavioral problems.

What are the characteristics of a girl who likes cats? ›

According to the stereotype, cat-lovers are typically single, independent, self-reliant, do not want to be ordered around by others and tend to focus more on goals to be achieved.

Do cats get scared when you scream? ›

Cats hate screams and loud noises, so if you yell at him violently, he could get very frightened and could react by attacking you to defend himself, thus starting to associate you with something negative… if not even going to the point of being afraid of you.

What is cat shouting called? ›

Meowing. The word 'meow' was apparently given its name as the closest set of sounds a human ear could distinguish from a cat's speech. Cat meowing, almost like a human voice, can have various intonations, each one meaning something different.

Can cats scream in fear? ›

Fear. One of the most common reasons that cats scream is because they are scared. If you've ever seen your cat truly frightened and fearful, then he may have screamed at the time.

Why did Dad said never mind? ›

Why and when did Dad say each of the following? Solution: When his wife warned him against falling, father with a great surprise said “fall?” Having fallen to the ground, the father did not give up and brushing the dirt from his hair and clothes said, “never mind.”

Why did the cat cry? ›

While cat's tear ducts can create tears, they do this for medical reasons – not because your cat is sad. Cats crying tears can be a sign of debris, a scratch on your cat's eye, or other eye problems. Being left alone for long periods without enough stimulation can cause any apartment pet to feel bored and lonely.

Why is my cat yelling at me? ›

Attention seeking. Despite what some people think, cats don't like being alone a lot. Cats often meow to initiate play, petting, or to get you to talk to them. If you want to cut down on attention-seeking meows, stop responding when it happens.

Does cat think I'm her mom? ›

No, your cat doesn't actually think you're the mama cat that birthed it. But cats show us a level of affection and respect that is very similar to the way they treat their mama cat. And this sweet fact flies in the face of anyone who thinks cats' “aloof” personality means they don't care about us.

Why do people say cats mother? ›

There was a time when a child could get a scolding for using the word “she” instead of a name, especially if the “she” (often an older person, like one's mother) was present. And the scolding might have consisted of “Who's 'she'—the cat's mother?”

What is the quote about woman and cat? ›

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

What famous cat died? ›

Pot Roast was a toothless black-and-white cat who was beloved on TikTok for her assortment of hats and messy eating habits. She had survived several health issues as a kitten, and many found her scraggly appearance endearing. After her unexpected death last month, fans were heartbroken.

Is Grumpy Cat a girl or a boy? ›

Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat at VidCon 2014
Other name(s)Tardar Sauce
BornApril 4, 2012 Morristown, Arizona U.S.
7 more rows

What is Grumpy Cat name? ›

Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, had feline dwarfism. This, her owners said, probably accounted for her distinctive facial features and small size.

Who was the first Catgirl? ›

In Kenji Miyazawa's 1924 work, Suisenzuki no Yokka (水仙月の四日, literally The 4th of Narcissus Month) is the first modern day example of a beautiful, cat-eared woman.

Why do cats have a loaf? ›

“The kitty loaf helps them keep a comfortable body temperature without expending much energy.” When cats sleep, they don't have any other ways to stay warm, like jumping or playing. So your cat may curl up into a loaf to conserve energy and warmth.

Why are cats so popular in Japan? ›

The lord was standing under a tree when he noticed a cat waving to him. Intrigued, he approached the curious cat and right as he walked away from the tree, a lightning bolt struck where he had been standing. And thus, the maneki-neko was born, and so was Japan's obsession with cats.

What is the cat video TikTok is talking about? ›

A TikTok video purporting to show a cat asking its owner, “Are you coming?” has gone viral, and admittedly it's hard to believe. TikTok user and cat owner Ike Tommy got quite the surprise as he was recording his pet kitty in the bathroom.

What is the story of Smudge the cat? ›

Smudge the cat's refusal to sit alone at dinner and his disgust at the prospect of eating veggies has made him an internet darling. Smudge the cat is a feline from Kanata who has inspired memes from around the world for his reaction to a salad placed in front of him.

Do cats scream when hurt? ›

Vocalisation. Yes, as previously mentioned, some cats in pain (particularly severe, sudden pain) will cry out or howl. If you see this, take them to the vet immediately to have them checked out, even if you can't see anything else wrong with them.

Why do humans like cat videos? ›

Research has suggested that viewing online cat media is related to positive emotions, and that it even may work as a form of digital therapy or stress relief for some users. Some elements of research also shows that feelings of guilt when postponing tasks can be reduced by viewing cat content.

Why do people love watching cat videos? ›

In fact, after watching a cat video, people experienced a similar response to playing with a therapy cat. “Most of the literature on pet therapy shows that it reduces anxiety and can improve people's mood,” says Myrick.

Why was the cat sad? ›

Cats can become sad or depressed due to various reasons. Some common causes of cat discontentment include illness, boredom, grieving of a lost family member or pet that they were bonded with, or injury.

What is the famous cat meme? ›

The viral photo is a mashup of a blonde woman yelling at a confused looking white cat sitting in front of a plate of vegetables. After seeing the meme everywhere, OprahMag.com checked in with titular "woman," Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alumTaylor Armstrong, who shared her reaction to the viral meme.

What cat is white? ›

Like calico and tortoiseshell cats, all-white cats aren't linked to a specific breed. Rather, many different breeds—both long-hair and short-hair—can present a pure white coat, including Persians, Turkish Angoras, American Short-Hairs, Siamese, and Devon Rex.

Who is the salad cat? ›

Smudge the cat became a popular internet meme after Twitter user @MISSINGEGIRL made a post of salad-hating Smudge beside a screen grab from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Approaching the Internet saturation phase (the precursor to meme death), the meme has fresh legs on Inuit lands.

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