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Sasha Pownall, born on February 3, 2014, is an English native. Having been there from the beginning, she saw his parents’ wedding as the eldest Pownall sibling. The English actress Gabriella Wilde is his mother, while the British musician Alan Pownall is his father. Skye Pownall and Shiloh Silva Pownall, his brothers, were born in 2016 and October 2019, respectively.

The eldest child of British musician and dramatist Alan Pownall, Sasha Blue Pownall is a household celebrity in her own right. Her mom, Gabriella Wilde, soared to popularity as one of the three Musketeers in The Three Musketeers and is now a well-known British actress and model.

Sasha Blue Pownall Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Sasha Blue Pownall
Parent’s name:Alan Pownall and Gabriella Wilde

Date of Birth

February 3, 2014


9 years old As in 2023

Place of birth



Cousin:Bluey Rafe Richard Branson
Grandparents:John Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, Vanessa Hubbard, Orlando


Siblings:Shiloh Silva Pownall and Skye Pownall
Zodiac sign:Aquarius

Who is Sasha Blue Pownall?

Many well-known individuals get a big following as a result of their efforts and achievements in the professional world. But some became famous because of their links to more prominent people.

Sasha Blue Pownall is included in this group as well. Her father, the British singer Alan Pownall, was a household name, and she benefited greatly from that. More so, Sasha’s mother, Gabriella Wilde, is a well-known British actress and former model who first gained widespread recognition for her role in the groundbreaking film – The Three Musketeers. Sasha, age 9, has a privileged lifestyle because of her popular parents.

Sasha Blue Pownall’s Early life and origin:

On February 3, 2014, Sasha Pownall entered the world. Sasha Pownall was born on February 3rd, 2014. She was the firstborn in her family and having been there from the onset, she witnessed her parents’ wedding as the eldest Pownall sibling. The English actress Gabriella Wilde is his mother, while the British musician Alan Pownall is his father. Skye Pownall and Shiloh Silva Pownall, his brothers, were born in 2016 andOctober 2019, respectively.

Sasha Blue Pownall Biography, Net Worth, Date Of Birth, Age, Career – TobiVibes (1)

Sasha’s career and professional development:

Sasha will be nine years old in 2023; her parents have done their best in making her a household name. Sasha Pownall was brought up by the wealthy and well-known Pownall family. Her dad, British singer/songwriter Alan Pownall, is famous for his rendition of “One Woman” by Beyoncé and his tour with British artist Adele. He gained significant popularity after his rendition of “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. Alan has performed with several notable artists, including Paloma Faith, Lissie, Marina and the Diamonds, Noah and the Whale, and many more.

Her mother, Gabriella Wilde, is also an ex-English model and actress like Sasha. As a result of her exceptional work in films like – the Three Musketeers, Endless Love, Carrie, and many more, Gabriella won the hearts of many moviegoers throughout the world. Gabriella has since appeared in various other TV programs, such as Doctor Who and Poldark.

Alan is a very sociable personality. He encouraged Adele to give his music a try after hearing her perform at one of her early gigs. She stumbled onto his MySpace profile and, to her delight, convinced him to accompany her on her first voyage to the British Isles. On April 5, 2010, the EP Real Love Stories was launched, and on June 25, 2010, the album was released. Pownall finalized Pale at the end of 2012. The Vaccines’ Sky Ferreira has hit the road. Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco produced the first two tracks. They appeared on their 2017 album, 37 Adventures. Till now, Pale hasn’t released any new music since their 2014 EP, The Comeback.

Gabriella Wilde, an English actress is the mother of Sasha. The Three Musketeers, Carrie, and Infinite Love are just a few of the highly praised films in which she has acted. Gabriella has guest-starred in many TV programs, including Poldark and Doctor Who.

She was barely 14 years old when Naomi Campbell, owner of Leading Model Management, signed her up. Her clientele often shops at high-end retailers like Burberry and fast fashion retailers like Topshop, Abercrombie & Fitch, and L.K. Bennett. She turned down the title of “it girl” and the spotlight that came with it in 2007. Wilde starred.

in the 2009 film St. Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Frittons’ Gold. Pilot for ABC’s science fiction series Dark Horse, in which Wilde stars. Since “Il Maestro,” Wilde has not had sole credit for a film until “Squatters.”

On top of that, Wilde didn’t take part in the 2013 Carrie adaptation. Wilde starred in Alex Pettyfer’s 2014 adaptation of Scott Spencer’s novel; infinite Reallyettyfer’s 2014 adaptation of Scott Spencer’s novel Infinite Really. On the BBC, Caroline Penvenen is showcased as Mrs Ross in Poldark until 2019. Since 2015, Wilde has been an official Estée Lauder spokesperson.

Sasha’s Parents married life:

Sasha’s parents have a close, personal relationship.
Sasha’s parents, Gabrielle and Alan, were married on September 13, 2014. The two of them went to the same high school and ultimately became a pair there. Wilde was expecting Sasha when they first intended to be married in 2013, so they had to wait until 2014 to really get married. They tied the knot in the Italian town of Tellaro, Liguria.

What is Sasha’s height, weight and other body measurements?

Sasha’s parents have been secretive about her and her siblings out of concern for their privacy. There was no information available on Sasha’s body measurements.

What is the net worth of Sasha’s parents?

Sasha is just nine years old, so she hasn’t decided what she wants to do with her life just yet. Sasha’s current preference is for academic pursuits above professional engagement. She and her brothers were very lucky to have been raised in the house her parents purchased for $329,470 in the Somerset area. Alan, her dad, has also done well for himself professionally and financially; he’s worth close to a million dollars. Similarly prosperous is her mother, Gabriella, who has a wealth of about $4 million.

Sasha Blue Pownall Biography, Net Worth, Date Of Birth, Age, Career – TobiVibes (2024)
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