The Best Restaurants in Tulum (2024)

July 1, 2023updated Dec 20, 2023

These enchanting eateries showcase authentic Mexican cuisine.

By Irenie Forshaw

The Best Restaurants in Tulum (1)

Once a sleepy beach town, these days Tulum is one of Mexico’s hippest vacation destinations brimming with some of the country’s best restaurants.

While many travelers visit Tulum seeking out its gorgeous beaches and historic Mayan ruins, the coastal town also boasts a vibrant food scene. It’s little wonder Rene Redzepi chose to set up his fourth Noma pop-up here back in 2017.

For any real foodies, the revered eateries of Puebla, Oaxaca and, of course, Mexico City will no doubt be top of your list. But it’s well worth adding an extra stop in Tulum on your next trip to Mexico.

Talented chefs have been lured to Tulum in droves, eager to work with the area’s incredible local produce. Expect plenty of wood-fired oven cooking, with meals often served by candlelight beneath the jungle canopy. This is our pick of the best restaurants in Tulum.

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Our Habitas

The Best Restaurants in Tulum (2)

Kicking off our list of the best restaurants in Tulum is Moro – a stylish yet decidedly laid-back eatery on the ground floor of the exclusive boutique hotel, Habitas. Situated mere steps from the Caribbean Ocean in the Yucatan jungle, floor-to-ceiling windows immerse diners in the lush greenery outside. Dotted with casual wooden tables, patterned rugs and pretty lanterns, the restaurant is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner for two.


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Talented head chef Luis Briceño has created a menu inspired by the rich flavors of regional and Latin cuisines and prepared using wood fire techniques. Highlights include grilled octopus with iron skilled rice and Valladolid sausage with fresh herbs; and grilled shrimp with chaya curry and pumpkin seeds.

There’s also a wonderful selection of veg-focused dishes, Mexican beers and craft co*cktails. ‘Sunset’ deserves a special mention – the heady mix of mezcal, fresh lime and homemade red pepper syrup is deliciously refreshing.

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The Best Restaurants in Tulum (9)

Next, we head to NU – another enchanting eatery set within the jungle (reopening October 4 2023). The open-air, candle-lit restaurant is an unforgettable setting for whiling an evening under the stars.

Sustainability is front and center at NU, with the team employing a zero-waste cooking philosophy and sourcing many of their ingredients from Mestiza de Indias – an organic, regenerative farm in the Yucatan Peninsula that uses ancient Mayan farming techniques to recover endemic species from winged beans to African cucumbers.

Consulting chef Benjamin Coe has put his stamp on the restaurant, effortlessly blending modern and traditional Mexican cuisine to create vibrant dishes that are big on flavor. There’s a wide variety of sharing dishes to choose from, which are brought to the table as and when they’re ready, straight from the slow-burning fire.

Standout plates include chorizo spiced cauliflower with grapefruit and almond cream, oyster mushroom tempura served with an addictive porcini broth, and Caribbean fresh fish with creamed Yuca and a spicy Vasca sauce. Make sure you leave room for dessert – the barbecued pineapple almond cake with whipped cream and caramelized white chocolate is simply bliss.


At Arca, guests come for the classic mezcal co*cktails and stay for the delicious array of elegant small plates. If you’ve noticed a pattern emerging in our roundup of Tulum’s best restaurants, you’d be correct. Like Moro and NU, the eatery is located within the jungle, with casual wooden tables letting the food speak for itself.

Open-fire cooking is also integral to the menu, and diners can watch the talented team of chefs preparing their meals. The ever-changing dishes are hyper-seasonal and feature lots of vegetables sourced only from the very best local farmers.

There’s also plenty of seafood, fresh from the Caribbean Ocean. The delicate scallop crudo sprinkled with a zinging coconut salsa and pickled onion flowers is a real treat, as is the buttery soft shell crab with Amaranth tempura and a Chaya emulsion. As for meat lovers, the decadent suckling pig roulade drizzled in chorizo sauce with a Chicharron and peanut crumble, served on a bed of fresh Chayote salad is one to tick off your food bucket list.


Our list of the best restaurants in Tulum would not be complete without mentioning Hartwood. Situated near the forest on a coastal road by the sea, you’ll need to book early to stand a chance of securing a table at this much-loved eatery.

Husband and wife ex-New Yorkers Myra Henry and Eric Werner set up Hartwood back in 2010 and quickly made a name for themselves with their rustic, flavorful dishes that expertly blend Yucatan-style food with American cooking.

The menu changes daily, depending on what local ingredients they can get their hands on. Expect plenty of seafood, salads and wonderful fresh veg, with everything cooked on the woodburning oven and grill.

Henry and Werner have taken the utmost care to minimize the environmental impact of their restaurant, powering the property entirely with solar energy and creating organic compost which is used to regenerate the surrounding mangroves.


The Best Restaurants in Tulum (10)

Last up on our list of the best restaurants in Tulum is Mezze. Situated in a beautiful white stone hacienda surrounded by swaying palm trees, the eatery serves (you guessed it) delicious Greek mezze dishes.

Raised in the countryside outside Athens, executive chef Alexandros Gkoutsi has created an impressive menu inspired by his grandmother’s traditional recipes, cooked over a fire in the open kitchen. The result is nothing short of delicious.

Pick a few starters for the table before diving into the mains. The salt-baked catch of the day is always a crowd-pleaser, as is the Aegean ribs smoked for 12 hours and served with a sticky thyme and ginger marmalade.

There’s also a bar overflowing with different mezcals, and expert mixologists on-hand to whip up an array of signature co*cktails made with locally grown seasonal fruit and herbs.

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Irenie Forshaw

Irenie Forshaw is a senior writer at Elite Traveler.

The Best Restaurants in Tulum (2024)
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